Can there be a widget that shows twitter and facebook posts of clever dodo in the website?

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ziya 14 Jul 2012

IF facebook or twitter post can be seen directly from the website it would be more interesting for people who visit clever dodo for the first time and it would be a change in website.


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gices 14 Jul 2012

Good suggestion @ziya.

However new features are implemented depending on the following criteria:

  • how helpful it's going to be for our users
  • what impact it will have on the usability of the website
  • how many people want to see this added as a new feature/functionality

So please use vote if you think that's going to be helpful on Clever Dodo :)

ziya 14 Jul 2012

how to use vote?

gices 14 Jul 2012

On questions or answers, there's a green thumb up/thumb down which you can use for voting. However you cannot vote on your own posts.

ziya 15 Jul 2012

We have notification for our question answers,for our comments on a question and others comments on our answers.If this is enabled then we will know that someone has given an answer or comment instead of going to the question and see if anyone has written any comment.

gices 15 Jul 2012

You are already notified by email if someone answers your question, comments on your answer or reply to your comment. If you're not receiving the emails, then maybe it's going to your spam/junk folder.