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gices 06 Sep 2014

This is what I have in mind for Clever Dodo:

  1. Live notifications of answers, comments, votes etc like the Facebook red alert you see when you're logged in (SignalR)
  2. Better search results (Lucene.Net)
  3. Private messaging to enable members to contact each other
  4. Groups (Public, Private, Secret) to allow members to form their own communities
  5. Homepage redesign to show all activity (who's voting, answering, attempting the quiz etc)
  6. Display images of Mauritius from Instagram on our gallery
  7. Possible launching a chat app to regroup Mauritians all over the world who want to talk to each other at any time of the day

I'm not too sure about point 7 though. Let me know if that's going to be of interest to you and any other suggestions you may have.



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Muzzammil 17 Sep 2014

A live news widget something would had been nice giving users the latest news of the island

gices 18 Sep 2014

Nice suggestion, I'll look into that as well :)