Will there be new features available in clever dodo?

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zia 05 Jul 2012

New features like be able to change profile picture or get notification for comments of question or to unvote an answer and comment,will they be available to that to clever dodo more interesting to use?


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sarah_7 02 Nov 2019

If you log in with Gmail, you'll just have to change your profile picture there so that it can reflect on cleverdodo

Khush_Mendossa 06 Jul 2012

Check your spam. All the features already exist. Perhaps the Faqs should be updated that's all. And perhaps there will be 100% Mauritian games soon ^_^

zia 06 Jul 2012

Changing profile picture is available but to unvote an answer is not available.

gices 06 Jul 2012

@zia : You can either upvote or downvote an answer. If you're not sure whether an answer deserves a thumps up or thumps down, then you shouldn't vote at all. This should solve the problem of having to unvote, shouldn't it? Or did I miss something here?

zia 07 Jul 2012

Ok will there be any new functionalities or new feature available?

gices 08 Jul 2012

@zia : We're always working on new features :) If there's anything in particular you'd like to see on Clever Dodo, then let us know.

gices 05 Jul 2012

These features are already available or do you mean to say if we're going to have new functionalities on clever dodo?