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gices 27 May 2012

There's one major change that you'll notice - it's the ability to edit your own posts now. You will find an 'edit' link under each question or answer which will allow you to make corrections. You can fix typos or edit your answers so that they are more complete and helpful. Please use comments under each answer to point out weaknesses or discuss the answer. Remember this is a Q&A site and answers are more important than comments on the answers.

Since the beginning, we have been using a subset of the Markdown syntax on Clever Dodo. As from today, we support the full markdown syntax which is a good thing because you can now include images in your posts. The syntax for images is as follows:

![title of your image](link to your image)

Unfortunately this move means we have stopped auto-linking URLs. So you will have to use the markdown syntax for hyperlinks as follows:

[anchor text](link to website)

You can also include youtube videos in your posts now by inserting the link to the video and it will be automatically be embedded here.



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Rhema 31 May 2012

dats great!kip it up

sphinx 29 May 2012

Why don't you just allow people to post html or a subset of it?

Iron_Man 27 May 2012

yeah I noticed the edit.. that's great! keep it up :D
btw why did my picture disappeared? strange... :/

Khush_Mendossa 27 May 2012

Your picture is still here! :s

Iron_Man 27 May 2012

when i answered this question it wasn't appearing...then I changed its not appearing on the Top Contributors....
well, never mind.... ;)

gices 27 May 2012

@Iron_Man : Don't worry, we haven't evicted you, lol. The CSS as well as the Top Contributors' sprite has changed, so you need to clear your browser's cache to see the changes.

Iron_Man 27 May 2012

it works!! thanks..
awesome gices is awesome.. ;)

gices 28 May 2012

You're welcome :)

moricien 27 May 2012

That's definitely a great improvement done. The "edit" will be very useful for fast users :)

gices 27 May 2012

And how do you feel about the other markdown features?

moricien 28 May 2012

Definitely, the markdown features will make answers looks even more professional than ever before! :) keep up with the good work gices!! Your website should be ranked first!! Almost everything we need is here, any questions is being replied instantly, answers are precise, answers are always relevant... This website is really great :)

gices 28 May 2012

Well that's what we want - great answers to great questions in the shortest time possible!