You can now use your Facebook account to log into Clever Dodo

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gices 04 Nov 2011
A lot of people have been complaining that the login process was not very straightforward so this has been changed now. You can now use your facebook account to log into Clever Dodo :)

Facebook login process
On the login page, you just need to click on the facebook button and it will take you to facebook for authentication and then redirected to Clever Dodo. For registered users, the email address must be the same for both Facebook and Clever Dodo, otherwise a new account will be created. In the coming weeks, registered users who use a different email address on Facebook will have the option to link their accounts.

Normal login process
If you do not have a facebook a/c or want to explicitly create a local account on Clever Dodo, then that's still possible. Actually the process has become more simple. All you need is your email address and password to sign in. You can check the "remember me" option if you wish to remain logged in even after you close your browser, so basically the following day when you visit Clever Dodo, you will be automatically logged in.

Other changes
There have been quite a few minor changes as well like having the sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) on the left of the question while retaining its visibility when scrolling down.

If there are any problems when using the site, please let us know immediately through our contact form.



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Just use your Facebook/Google/Clever Dodo account to login.

Jimmytan 07 Nov 2011
Acutally it's more convenient to everyone.
Madeleine_Stella 05 Nov 2011
I just registered through facebook and within seconds I was logged in!!! Really like the dodo logo, looks gorgeous, xxx
Peaches 05 Nov 2011
Wicked, it'll make life so much easier! Finally my friends will be able to see what I'm talking about.

sphinx 05 Nov 2011
Finally! It was really a pain to enter the captcha code everytime you have to login. I understand putting this to stop spam but that should have been just on the registration process and not when logging in. Anyway, that's been fixed now, so great job.
yonne 13 Nov 2011
Oooohhh I like it better now :P great job, cheers xx