Cleverdodo was under maintenance but what are the new changes?

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Khush_Mendossa 11 Apr 2012


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gices 11 Apr 2012
You seem to be on the site 24hrs a day, nothing escapes you, lol.

The website was down for 10 mins. Regarding the changes, no new functionality has been added but this release is more to do with speeding up the page load time.

1. We've added static and dynamic compression through gzip. This enables the web server to compress the content before sending it to the user which means less data is being transferred over and therefore it should take less time.
2. For static resources, we're leveraging browser caching so that things like the logo etc are not sent from the web server each time a webpage is requested but rather taken from the browser's cache.
3. We've consolidated the images in the Top Contributors to minimise http requests and decrease the size of the sum of the individual images. So now instead of having 12 http requests for the top contributors, we just have one and the size went down from 260kb to just 11kb.
4. The problem of the homepage not updating in real time because of output caching has also been fixed now.
5. Some bug fixes here and there.

This means that should be loading faster than before now. There are some other things regarding site speed which still needs to be done but the majority of improvements have already been implemented.
Khush_Mendossa 11 Apr 2012
Hehe I'm up to date :P
Nice to hear the homepage update is now fixed and it's actually working fine now.

By the way when will be the article fix be ready? xD
gices 11 Apr 2012
Have you got something to write about? Let me know what's on your mind and I'll get a new release ready.
Khush_Mendossa 11 Apr 2012
I've got many things on my mind :) Just let me know when the release is ready.
gices 12 Apr 2012
I'm really curious to know what you're planning to write about. So let's hear about one of the many things on your mind :)