Congratulations to Muzzammil for becoming a Level 2 member on Clever Dodo

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gices 21 Apr 2014

Back in December 2013, you were just 10 points away from crossing over to Level 2 but a few months of inactivity has delayed your journey. Better late than never though, congratulations and welcome to the elite club of Clever Dodo and thank you for helping others.


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Muzzammil 21 Apr 2014

Thank you so much for this post, I just logged in wondering about new questions and surprised to find this post:P, Well. I will try my best in order to share the knowledge i have. Cleverdodo has been a platform helping mauritian every single day, Despite I've been inactive, This website actually does make a Part of the cake of the online world.

Thank you for the wonderful message and experience at cleverdodo.

gices 22 Apr 2014

Well you deserve recognition for your contribution :)

kavishdeathcore 21 Apr 2014

I must confess, this guy helped me a lot concerning my questions and solved it in the easiest way.... :D

gices 21 Apr 2014

Glad you've got the answer to your question and yes @Muzzammil tries to help as many people as he can, so kudos to him :)